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House For Sale

Sell Your House Quickly & Easily

At AccuChoice Properties, LLC, we are proud to make the house selling process simple. First, contact us via phone or email. For the fastest service, please fill out the online form with as many details as possible about your house. We will research the property and schedule a site visit.

Step 1: Walk-Through

AccuChoice Properties, LLC researches the property and sets up an appointment for a walk-through. We make sure to do so at a time most convenient for you.

Step 2: Analyze

After the walkthrough is completed, we will analyze the cost of repair. Once that is done, a cash offer will be made on the property.

Step 3: Agree & Accept

Working with you, we will agree on a price for the property and sign the contract. The paperwork is sent to a local title company.

Step 4: Close

Once these steps are complete, we are ready to sign, seal, and deliver. Once we close, you receive your payment.

For Sale Sign in Front of House